[IPA] Inner Planets Alliance is recruiting (SB 134)

IPA is looking for a couple of new members, level 40 and up. We rank from top 20 to top 100 depending upon the event.

Our Starbase is maxed. We hit our rewards daily. We have a solid core of experienced officers who are happy to share their wisdom as well as a dedicated Training Officer available to assist any level captain who is interested; and a fleet chat on Discord. Of course, we have our quieter members as well. We have both permanent and non-permanent squads, depending on how you prefer to play.

There are no minimum spending requirements. That being said, it is our opinion that the monthly card is the biggest game changer in town, and we highly recommend it.

We have a small list of requirements:
* We use Discord for fleet chat, which lets us communicate much more effectively than the in-game chat.
* Communicate with the admiralty if you will be absent from the game for more than 4 days. We even have a leave of absence policy if you need to be away for longer. We also have a vacation/retirement fleet if you need to take a long pause or want to play occasionally, but not get those pesky invites from other fleets. ;)
* There are no requirements regarding event participation, other than communicating your intentions each week in Discord chat.
* Please help to clear daily targets.

IPA's motto is, “Play fair, play hard, but MOST of all, play for fun!”

Let me know if you have any questions.

Admiral of Inner Planets Alliance. Send me a message if you are looking for a fun and successful fleet to join.
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