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Multiple Bridges

In this game we collect crew fill a ship ride through the galaxy searching to the right the wrongs... Imagine Your in your bounty with Locutus as your avatar and a clever name. You click on your profile when your profile page comes up, you can swipe left or right to reveal other ships and captain profiles you have made on the same account... the reward is that each ship has a different bridge so the need for more crew would be more easily met. Along with the unnecessary wasting of crew due to getting a better one and needing room for someone better is definitely not a cool one, having the option to move a new recruit to another ship with openings on it which would work the same way as transferring any crew as they did in many of the shows. the ships you have would determine your crew capacity if the capactity was 100 and you had 4 ships you would have a capacity of 400. As each ship would have the same empty crew berthing spaces as any of your other ships according to your vip or purchases you may had gotten. The more ships the more crew
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