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Clearing Gravitational Well - Game takes too long to load

I've had an issue for a good long while where the game would just take forever to load. The app would get stuck on the loading screen that says "Clearing Gravitational Well" for most of a minute. Today, I finally decided to try fixing it.

Solutions that did not work:
Uninstall a bunch of other apps.
Restart my device.
Uninstall/reinstall the game.
Clear the cache.

Solution that finally did work:
(First, write down your DBID, connect the app to Google and/or Facebook, and make sure you know your password!
In the system settings, next to Clear Cache, you'll find Clear User Data.
This took took a while. And it took a while for the game to load the very next time, but it did not get stuck on the same screen. Subsequent restarts did not take very long and my game appears to be back to normal. Just don't forget to do that stuff in bold so you don't lose anything.

Hope this helps someone else and relieves a little frustration. :)
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