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Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event Notes: The Longest Day (flashback) - In-game announcement on 01/01

On the planet of Xindus, resurrected via temporal anomaly, the desperate conflict that eventually led to the planet’s destruction plays out nearly to completion each day… and then resets.

Event Name: The Longest Day (flashback)
Event Type: Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event
Event Start: Thursday, 01/02 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Monday, 01/06 at Noon ET (17:00 UTC)

Squadrons: Y
Crew Sharing: Y (Phase 1)
Faction Winner Bonus: N
Community Rewards: Y (Phase 2)

Event Crew:

War Correspondent Jake Sisko (Existing) 5*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: DIP 1216 (149-293), SEC 892 (116-269), MED 503 (100-232)
Traits: Human, Federation, Civilian, Writer, Gambler, Desperate, Inspiring

Xindi ‘Prisoner Archer’ (Existing) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: CMD 406 (161-344), DIP 842 (112-229), SEC 367 (79-157)
Traits: Human, Starfleet, Desperate, Crafty, Costumed, Hero, Explorer, Pilot, Interrogator

Rogue Harry Kim (Existing) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: ENG 311 (94-228), SEC 504 (101-216), SCI 626 (133-308)
Traits: Federation, Human, Warp Theorist, Desperate, Innovator, Musician

Ranked reward 5* crew

Ishan Chaye Sisko (New) - this crew will be featured event crew in the event starting on 01/09.
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: DIP 987 (120-226), ENG 1284 (247-490), SEC 496 (93-293)
Traits: Bajoran, Resourceful, Desperate, Undercover Operative, Civilian, Investigator

Bonus Crew
• high bonus: event crew
• small bonus: variants of J. Sisko, Archer and Kim.

Event Factions
Dominion, Hirogen

Live long and prosper,


Unfused stats

Ishan Chaye Sisko
FE 1/5 level 100 DIP 539 (120-226), ENG 894 (247-490), SEC 271 (93-293)
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