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Viable Voyage addition/change?

This game is, by design, just collecting, and playing and 'winning' various parts. There is no negative variant, by which I mean no consequences to negative things happening (with the minor and useless exception of falling down the Arena leaderboard when you aren't there to defend your spot)

What if... while on a Voyage, during a Hazard that you actually fail, you LOSE items from your inventory? Obviously I am sticking with inventory items identical to what you achieve in the Voyages, we would never want to sacrifice premium items like boosts, citations, etc.

So sacrificial items would be just 0-2* equipment or components.

I mean, even if/when they fix the inventory cap, all that stuff in the cargo bay is still just stuck there, and will never go away. Why not have a way to "space" it?


Now, the next step might be too much for some of your brains to handle, but to help us "mix it up" a bit, maybe after a Voyage that particular crew is "tired" from the long Voyage, like in Expeditions, they have lost X% (25%?) of their usefulness for maybe 12 hours. Gauntlet is never affected by this, but the rest of the tasks might be, such as Arena, Episodes and Faction Missions.

I think it would be win-win, alleviating the staleness a bit and also giving us a way to "expend" useless cargo.

Additional idea just hit me, have a place in the Voyage startup screen to "fill the cargo bay", for supplies to be expended/used, and also to add extra AM? Just like trainers, it could be a set number based on level of item, so you have a cargo bay that holds 250 x 0* items, but also would be filled by 150 x 1* items, or 50 x 2* items.
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  • Not a fan of losing items from inventory. Maybe from the voyage loot would be ok, but I don't really see any benefit to it.

    The fatigue thing on the other hand, I quite like. I'm generally in favour of things that encourage us to use a wider variety of crew instead of having half our crew members sitting around collecting dust until we get enough stars to freeze them.

    12 hours might be a bit too punishing for newer players who can't do very long voyages though. Perhaps instead of a fixed time, it would be percentage based, like the recall time? 40% of voyage time might be good.

    Regarding filling the cargo bay, what would the supplies be used for? The extra AM I could take or leave, but I could see potential for other uses (ie. trade your useless junk for extra random drops, or give a boost to skill checks), though that seems like a lot of work for DB to implement it, and I'm not sure what they'd get for doing so.
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    If you could gain actual equipment and not just components from a voyage (and especially 3* and 4* post 6 hours), I would not mind losing a few 0* to 2* components, but only those that I can afford to lose (0* Alcohol, 0* Microconnectors, 0* Subprocessors, 1* Optronic Circuits, 2* Expansion Modules, 3* Furs etc.). So there would have to be a cargo bay first where you can put the expendable stuff in. In return, the rewards from each "gained" hazard or reward node that appears every two minutes would have to be much higher and equipment would have to be in the pool (Science Lessons, Science Experiments, etc), as well as faction items (0* Holoprogram, 0* Case File) etc. :)
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  • My cargo bay idea was to basically fill it with whatever 0*-2* stuff you wanted, and was "expendable". Just trying to think of ways to bring down the ridiculous inventory that we can't get rid of now.

    I agree that having the ability to pick up equipment would be a welcome change as well. I mean, if a diplomat is giving you a hard time, but leaves you a gift, it could be a 2* social lesson, right?
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