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Inventory cap clarification and correction

Greetings, Captains!

It has come to our attention that there is a misunderstanding about our latest client v7.4.0 and the inventory cap, as well as an error in our client release notes.

Please allow us to clarify:

- the inventory being capped at 1,000 unique items, and the automatic deletion of items over that cap, are not features that have been implemented with our v7.4.0 update.

This system has been in place since the release of the game but was not being surfaced properly to players. This is what we are trying to address with this update, while also providing some solutions for inventory management.

Regarding the creation of a replicator ration via the inventory, we are aware that there is an issue with the credit cost. This will be addressed at a future date.

- our release notes erroneously stipulated that a notification would be shown when the inventory cap is reached; this is incorrect. The notification will appear when your inventory reaches 975 unique items to allow for plenty of time to sort through your inventory at your leisure.

We hope this provides clarification on the matter, and we apologize for any confusion our earlier release notes might have caused.

Thank you for playing,

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