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Inventory - what to get rid of?

How does one know what is useless inventory? I'm always afraid to discard something I might need to build something and finish leveling up a character. How can I know what I can throw away since the limit of 1000 items is in place?


  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 8
    Things like:

    - 2* Mayweather's Boomer Outfit ... is only used by that specific character so if you have them immortalised or fully equipped then it is a good item to get rid of (in whichever manner - replicator etc.).

    Then you have items like:

    - 3* Sisko's Baseball ... are used by multiple characters, if you have them equipped then it might be used for a Sisko variant in the future ... so it is up to you to discard or not, you might want to keep if you have space and are missing a bunch of Siskos.

    So ... the real character-specific items can safely be discarded, especially if you have already equipped them. Usually, they are clothing pieces or items that are very specific to one character (Mother Horta's Eggs) ... there is no real chance they'll ever be used by a new character ... and still, if they are you can just build from scratch really, no big deal.

    Then there are character general items that might be useful for multiple crew ... the best thing is to check the wiki to get an idea. These items are on the fence it kinda depends. I like to keep things like The Big Goodbye holo programme etc., not used by many though really irritating to build.

    Then there are general items that only a select group of characters use (e.g. Bajoran Engineering Uniform) ... it kinda depends, but if you are in a really tight spot they can be discarded too, I'd keep 'em though.

    Then there are general items and components that many crew use, just keep those.
  • Thank you. It's hard for me to keep up with what I need and don't need. I wish the game would tell me if it is useful or not.
  • Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Rara is right on with that advice. And if you're wanting to be even more brutal with discarding stuff, you can also just get rid of almost any 0* items that you don't recognize, as long as there are only one of them.

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  • Considering that DB understood now (I hope) that we need the name of singular items to be thrown in the replicator you can either wait a bit and hope they manage to finally fix that or use the new discard function that just throws stuff away if inventory space is really tight.

    Because identifying something in the inventory and then finding that very thing again for replicating is near impossible, the only option would be to toss tons of singular items in the replicator til full, then check them all in the confirmation screen. If you made an error you can remove that thing, put in another, check again... it's a mess.
  • And regarding the 1000 item limit, everyone should be aware where you find the number:

    Note that you can have up to 32768 pieces of a single item but must not have more than 1000 different items.
  • SvenLundgrenSvenLundgren ✭✭✭✭

    I used this the other day and found over 300 useless items in my inventory.
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  • Synthetic CommanderSynthetic Commander ✭✭✭✭✭

    I used this the other day and found over 300 useless items in my inventory.

    Thank you for the reminder, I forgot about that function on this tool! great suggestion!
  • Apparently they can even delete things you pay for.


  • VidVid ✭✭
    Isn't the answer simple? Instead of hoarding, actually use the stuff you're collecting?
  • Items that are specifically for crew you have immortalized.
  • Vid wrote: »
    Isn't the answer simple? Instead of hoarding, actually use the stuff you're collecting?

    My point is that anything you pay for in packs, campaigns, in game currency of any type, or earn through events and such, should be excluded from deletion. I’m talking replicator rations, boosts, kits, tokens, citations, starbase components, faction transmissions, etc. My holoemitters are flashing as well. I want the peace of mind of knowing these things will not be dumped.

    I would be fine with using equipment and components, etc. for making replicator rations the problem I’m having is when I go to the replicator the single items are not labeled. They are labeled in inventory but you can only delete from there or tap the replicator ration of your choice and be taken to the replicator where they aren’t labeled. The items look too much alike.

    Hoarding? Not really, I have fleet mates with plenty more than that. Some of those in the picture were made from inventory. I don’t like the thought of spending time making replicator rations they can just delete anyway.

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