Idea for 5th Convergence Day

First, I really, really hope there is a 5th Convergence Day. :) I know this idea is really early, but it's mostly because I know I'm actually just too late for the 4th Convergence Day. I tend to ramble at the beginning of my threads, don't I? Anyway...

How about a one-time purchase of 5 slots for 3,000 dilithium, but this purchase comes with all of the Convergence Day legendaries!

I know... That's practically a giveaway. But really, how else are we supposed to get all those legendaries with (unfortunately) kind of bad stats? We probably wouldn't pick them in a behold if we had the choice. And those who already immortalized them would get 5 slots plus 2,750 honor for 3k dilithium.

Would you buy such a deal?


  • =j= Donatra=j= Donatra ✭✭✭✭✭
    Rather 275'000 than 2'750 Honor :) but with the rest I agree. :) I still don't have any of the Convergence Day golds immortal.
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