Yet another crew member has gone missing

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Looking through the Cryostasis Vault today I noticed my Off-Duty Stamets who has been Immortalized since February 18, 2019 is now missing. <sigh> Sending a ticket to CS who will probably tell me I airlocked him and maybe restore him after removing honor from my account.
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  • Again, would remind you and everyone with this issue, as it happens often, video or screenshot your vault just before Tuesday “server update”.
    It is impossible to airlock an immortal crew. If you had a screenshot of immortal off duty stamets it would prove that you did not airlock bcuz u cant. Then honor will not be taken for return of your crew.

    This still seems to be a grey area of DB blaming the client for “accidental airlock” because they have not figured out why or how crew disappear. So it is there current understanding the only explanation must be accidental dismissal.

    More players need to video or screenshot their vault once weekly so that we can show DB what is happening even with immortal crew disappearing. And then make sure you add your device, platform, and version using to play. This is the only way they have the proper info needed to investigate this ongoing glitch.

    Then also repeat all the info and screenshots here in a thread for Shan.

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