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Happy fourth anniversary, Captains!

Four years is not a small feat, and what an interesting ride it has been so far.
We’re glad that you’re part of this adventure with us, and we’re looking forward to what the future will bring.

Star Trek is such a great universe to be a part of. We could not be happier to see it evolve and expand - as such it is our great pleasure to announce that Star Trek: Picard will be part of STAR TREK TIMELINES! Just like for Star Trek: Discovery you can expect to encounter characters from this exciting new show in the game, in the following weeks.

Now onto our anniversary celebrations:

- Please welcome Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy in your crew. Later today all players will be able to claim this new 5* crew in the Time Portal. This also doubles up as a celebration for what would have been DeForest Kelley 100th’s birthday this year. And for the occasion we’ve a specific audio clip for this character!

- We’re also providing you with a way to receive three additional copies of this new crew by way of three temporary achievements that will be added to the game. Those temporary achievements will be available until Tuesday, February 11. If you were already logged in today prior to the achievements going live you will need to wait until the next reset to see them, fear not you will have plenty of time to complete these achievements.

The temporary achievements are:
- complete 15 Dilemmas
- complete 100 Gauntlets
- complete 280 Space Battles

Dr. ‘ Bones’ McCoy
FE/FF level 100 MED 1641 (98-360)
FE 1/5 level 100 MED 1251 (98-360)
Traits: Federation, Starfleet, Human, Physician, Resourceful, Exobiology

- Picard’s Livingstone is our fourth anniversary avatar! He is available today for the Captains who were with us from the very beginning. For everyone else, that special avatar will be available once your game account turns four.

- Special Honor offers will be available every day until Tuesday, January 21, in the Time Portal. So be sure to check them out every day.

- Last but not least, all limited-time offers will include 1x 5* citation on top of their regular content, and this until Thursday, January 30. Don’t miss out.

Thank you for taking part in this extraordinary journey with us. Engage!

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