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Announcing Forever As One, our February Mega-Event

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Greetings, Captains!

Get ready for our February Mega-Event, starting next week!

In Forever As One, both the retired Admiral Picard of the future and Cadet Picard of yesterday find themselves in the chaotic world of Star Trek Timelines. Their arrival coincides with the disturbing rise of a rogue Borg element--an element that sees the strategic value Locutus brought to the Borg. Can you and Admiral Picard help his younger self to navigate these challenges? Find out throughout the month of February!

Participating in the Forever As One mega-event will also allow you to welcome the all new Picard and Number One (Picard and his dog) crew, the recurrent threshold reward for this mega-event. You will also encounter new variants of crew from every corner of Star Trek, eager to aid Picard and avoid assimilation.

The schedule of events will be as follows:

Skirmish Event "Beyond The Veil" - 02/06
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event "Where Nightmares Meet" - 02/13
Galaxy Event "Phantom Pain" - 02/20
Faction Event "Reunion At Dawn" - 02/27

Crew with the Astrophysicist trait will provide some event bonus for all four events.

The STAR TREK TIMELINES team and Admiral Picard hope to see you there. Engage!

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