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Suggestion for starbase donation bottleneck problem

edited November 2017 in Make It So!
Hey DB,

I have a suggestion for addressing the starbase donations issue that comes up once you reach 30+ starbase.

Once all rooms are fully upgraded a 'Starbase Maintenance' interface could be added to donate components to, therefore still providing a method to continue claiming the chron rewards.

If you wanted to make it even more dynamic and add even more motivation to donate (eg for whale fleets that don't care about the chrons and use the components as replicator fuel), you could make it that the without daily maintenance donations rooms will enter a state of disrepair and drop level. Could certainly make it interesting and keep donating relevant instead of essentially jettisoning components into the nether.

However this would need to be balanced sensibly component wise, unlike the room component requirements. Demanding the same amount of holoemitters as nanopolyers is silly and will take all the fun out of starbases if you end up with rooms degrading due to badly balanced repair requirements.

Btw I would like to put emphasis that this shouldn't be activated until ALL rooms are fully upgraded. Otherwise you are penalising the fleets that haven't yet maxed by making them pay maintenance AND upgradeing rooms, which would be unfair.

Malone Out
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