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Expedition issue

Firstly: Going forward, more Expedition events, fewer Galaxy events.

But to the current problem. There are expedition tickets in the threshold rewards. Claiming these goes right to your ticket total. So the problem is that last night I had used up all of my tickets and was waiting for the day to reset to get three more. It was literally 10 minutes before the time of reset and I opened the event page and rather than tapping "Enter Event" I tapped on claim rewards which gave me the three tickets that were waiting in there. I did not want to claim them. I was saving them for another time. There's literally no way to finish one ticket in ten minutes let alone three of them, so my three daily reset tickets were wasted.

To that end, I say that the ticket cap should be eliminated. There is no point in it. Who cares if I bank all of my tickets until the final day of the event? It's the same amount of work regardless and it isn't as if tickets carry over for any other purpose.

I've already submitted a help ticket about this and I will be receiving those lost three tickets back.


  • Banjo1012Banjo1012 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I agree with this. Give us the three every reset but don’t take away what we already have. I was also thinking about this for Monday. We only have half the day to finish them
  • ExanimusExanimus ✭✭✭
    edited February 1
    This was my first expedition event. So, I expected the reset to be 24 hours after the event started. As a result I cashed in my rewards shortly before the reset and they were entirely wastes by the reset. All I really want is DB to be more informative.

    Of course I want the tickets back. But, I know a lost cause.

    Would the taking out the reset and just banking them have no impact? Would it make the game better?

    I think it would impact the game. Pace of a game is an invisible factor most people don't think about. Spreading play over the day and structuring it so you have to play each day, keeps the game from getting completed so fast you start demanding more content. It structures the load on the servers more so they don't get suddenly overwhelmed and crash.

    Because the tokens are a reward it might be better to give them as items that don't impact the reset. But then again, having them as items would just lead to some people not spending them all. Contrary to my own desire to horde, I think they should be limited to the life of the specific event.

    I do however appreciate and agree with the argument that you didn't want to collect them at that time. That is one aspect of the structure I disagree with. I would have preferred to collect the tokens seperately from the other rewards when I wanted to use them. I wanted to collect the La Forge copies, but I also would have wanted to build the character to better use those tokens in the event. I have never really enjoyed having an event character fed to me in pieces so that it's only really useful for the last quarter of the event. I would agree with somehow changing how the rewards are paid out in the game. It is super helpful to have a "collect all" button, but there are a few times when I would prefer to collect them one at a time, and I do think that option should be there.

    If sending a ticket in works, let me know. I'd love my lost tickets back.
  • Mirror SanoaMirror Sanoa ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited February 2
    For me the worst would be to get 5 tickets at start and not having the threshold purple yet. I had the Doc FFFE so I waited until Friday to collect Data along with the tokens. But if I had needed the Doc too? More than 5 tickets within one evening would have been brutal. This really needs any sort of change.
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  • If sending a ticket in works, let me know. I'd love my lost tickets back.

    I had zero hassle with my ticket. They didn't respond to me until after the event was over so I requested the rewards for the next tier up as compensation and the CS immediately agreed. Not sending a ticket is just flushing stuff down the toilet.
  • ExanimusExanimus ✭✭✭
    Thanks. I'll log it for the future.

    I want to stress, I was not ever really upset. I'm only hoping to give them feedback I think would make the game better. As it was, I placed exceptionally well for how I usually end up in most events. It was SUPER tedious, but I did enjoy the challange of maximizing points. As much as I dislike repetitive screen tapping like most, I enjoy more that skill and effort are rewarded unlike most other events. Factions fail far more often than they should, and there is no way to improve anything with skill or effort. Galaxy events may arguably give a certain reward for effort. But because the first half of every Galaxy event has to be played before the event crew has been fused and leveled all the effort to horde chronos and build the items is flushed because the odds of getting the bonus event item **tsk tsk**. I enjoy Skirmish events. But that's because I have finally put together a ship combo that has a chance at clearing Epic. The event is pure reward for effort. I dislike that effort being capped by the size of my chrono horde, but at least I feel like what I do has on balance a guaranteed return on investment. While I think there are some changes that could improve the event type, this event type so far seems the best. It challenges you and for the most part levels the field so money and chrono hordes have less impact than effort.

    The support team seems fair from what I've heard. I have probably misjudged them based on assumptions.
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