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Game lagging a lot during skirmish

Seriously, guys, you gotta do something to fix the servers during competitive events such as skirmishes. I am currently in the second place and I couldn't enter the game for 34 minutes this morning right after the daily reset. Then, once I was in, the game was lagging a lot: basically every change of screen was "hailing starfleet". Then the game froze a couple of times more and had to wait minutes once again to get in. It's one thing to have server errors than you can give compensations for, but a totally different thing to ruin events for those who try hard! 34 minutes out of the game means 85-90K vp lost, since the server problems weren't affecting all the players.


  • I exerienced the same lag too and sometimes it's slow due to waiting for something to happen.

    It's annoying to see the "Hailling Starfleet" message almost a minute before anything happen.

    I even had a hard time to launch the game this morning and in contrast to the OP I too participating in the skirmish, but my ranking is over 1000, way over 1000, so it isn't important to me about the skirmish. Still annoying and frustrating.
  • I have to reset my iPad after almost each action, like claiming the bonus. The 'Okay' button doesn't turn yellow to enable me to proceed.
    Another problem is that I see Enterprise vs Enterprise on the screen without ships being shown.
    My ranking consists of five numbers and I only have 14225 points. It could be a lot better because every battle I played thus far is won.
    This event is a complete loss for me. I could have done so much better.
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