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The Gluten Empire (Max Starbase 134)

The Gluten Empire is recruiting!

What we offer - a maxed starbase, top 10-15 fleet event ranks, all daily targets finished, a deep appreciation of bread products, and a casual atmosphere.

What we ask of you - join our discord server, be active (or notify us if you can't be for whatever reason), and don't take yourself too seriously.

Check out our wiki or reach out for more information: https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_The_Gluten_Empire

So, you. Yeah, you. I see you there. I see you reading this. I see you thinking... wow, what a clever name. Maybe I should quit loafing around and see what these breadfellows are all about.

All it takes is a PM. Challah at your girl.
Proud Admiral of eXodus
Officer of The Gluten Empire

Check out our guides to crew and the game!


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