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Idea for new event type

ReginoldJuddReginoldJudd ✭✭✭
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How about an event called Assault or Siege perhaps, and you basically have drones (Borg, Android, Jem'Hadar, what have you) zombie-style attacking, and you have to defend in a manner similar to gauntlet attacks - so you choose crew to be on defense and as the event progresses they get worn down little by little until they get overwhelmed or until you replace them with other crew. Meanwhile, you are picking up "supplies" from away team missions in order to resupply your team.

This could also possibly be done as a team event, with your fleet or squadron, so you're defending your fleet station, and prizes go to top fleets rather than top individuals.


  • Follow-up on that fleet idea:
    You could make a room for the station that only appears during the event and has its own donations/day allowance (in addition to the 700/day that can still be donated to regular rooms). Finishing it provides a reset token to fleet members who can use it to reset their crew, somewhat similar to how expedition tokens work. It takes the two types of fuel already dropped by away team missions, so that you don't have to add a new type.
  • Oh, just came up with another possible name:
  • Matt_DeckerMatt_Decker ✭✭✭✭✭
    Good name. Interesting concept. I like the idea of finding a way to bring gauntlet into an event.
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  • Maybe every so many hours a fresh batch of intruders beams onto a different part of your ship: engine room, bridge, sick bay, etc and crew with relevant stat and/or trait get a bonus. This would be a fun idea to flesh out.
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