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Crew Quarters Display Bug

There is a display bug on the main screen for the crew quarters. The icon showing the number of items to be redeemed is not updated properly when 2 crew are fused that each have an item to equip. The attached screenshots can demonstrate this.

- The first shows my crew quarters with 5 unclaimed items.


- Then my crew quarters with 3 copies of Mirror Burnham, two at 1* level 1, and one at 2* level 2.


- I then fuse the level 2 which also has the first 2 items equipped, and the next shot shows it will be a 3* level 2 crew.


- Following this is the confirmation popup,


- and then my updated crew quarters.


- Next shows my new main menu, with an incorrect display of 4 unclaimed items.


- Then, I restarted the game (in Steam), and the last shot shows the main menu that now shows just 2 unclaimed.



  • CuttysarkCuttysark ✭✭✭
    edited February 17
    I think this might just be a random glitch in the Windows version ...
    It happens to me quite often but not consistently. After I perform some action on my crew it will insist that I still have one more to do! I look, I don't, I cuss. I've gotten to where I just ignore it now until I happen to restart the game, at which point it is gone. But it is a pain in the rump though :/
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