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Jannar. Voyage specific or not?

I was under the impression Jannar was voyage specific but a member of my fleet is adamant that he got him in the portal. Is that possible or was he maybe playing STT & drinking at the same time and forgot about a voyage? I like to try keep my fleet informed. Thanks


  • Yes, Jannar is voyage-only. According to the wiki, he is available from A Life Alone, part 2 if you tell the young trill to remain at Starfleet Acadamy.

    I usually pick the other option, which explains why I don't have Jannar finished yet. I'm quite glad you asked.
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  • RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think he's been a part of the Elusive Treasures deals, other voyage crew and limited opportunity crew have also been available in those packs ... so ask them if they ever purchased on of those.
  • Could he be mistaking Jannar for Dralik Durr? Both are Xindi, and both look somewhat familiar. I've confused the two at a quick glance before.
  • BakerbeanzBakerbeanz ✭✭✭
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    Jannar is voyage specific. I have him FF and working, but I've airlocked a considerable amount of copies after such. About to do the same for another Thot Gor. I have the Clown and Lucien FF'd also. A Higher Duty and Champion of the People are the hardest to get in succession. I have one copy of Dr. McCoy and may have to pay to cite him, and one Fierce Guynan from an achievement unlock or something. Never saw Colonel Worf or Ensign Picard.
  • This Sisko1This Sisko1 ✭✭✭✭
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    Voyage crew has popped up in the elusive treasures pack over the years. Only way I got Worf since part 3 will never drop lol.
  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    Voyage crew has popped up in the elusive treasures pack over the years. Only way I got word since part 3 will never drop lol.

    I can confirm this, having gotten a Leonard McCoy and a pair of Ensign Picards from an ET purchase a while back. Or maybe it was two McCoys and one Picard...it doesn’t really matter, both are cited up and in the freezer.
  • Thanks for the info guys. I did a 3 day voyage to get bones and word. Will deffo need to cite them though.
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