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New crew: Tau 4*

FE/FF level 100 DIP 651 (109-220), SEC 894 (130-308), SCI 342 (72-156)
FE 1/4 level 100 DIP 407 (109-220), SEC 650 (130-308), SCI 222 (72-156)

Traits: Crafty, Saboteur, Criminal, Scoundrel, Resourceful

Tau is part of this week's dev choice pack, and here is the dev's commentary:
I’ve always loved seeing the weird costumes and aliens that show up in Star Trek, and wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. The Ba’ul, Tholian, and Aleek-Om pay homage to some of Star Trek’s visually distinct designs across very different production values and eras. Satan’s Robot and Little John Riker pay tribute to some of my favorite silly costumes and episodes from Star Trek. Rounding out the pack is Tau, who’s casual demeanor and overall design has kept this Delta Quadrant thief as one of my favorite Voyager “aliens of the week.”
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