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2-25 update breaks ad-watching in BlueStacks

Ever since yesterday's update I've noticed that I no longer get the option to watch ads when using the BlueStacks Android emulator. I was able to watch ads in BlueStacks just fine before the 2-25 update, and now after the update, on two separate computers (Windows 10 and a Mac), neither installation of BlueStacks gives the option to view ads when I'm playing Timelines.

I have to wonder, was this nerfage intentional, or was it accidental and just more of the same "quality" programming we've come to expect form DB?


  • Also, wrong section. This should be in Engineering.
  • I have some ad troubles on my older phone too.
    Using the app SuperVpn i'm able to get the ads back for a month or so.
    The SuperVpn app does have anoying ad's but onlinbe when it's running.
    Which is like 2 minutes every month to restart stt, to see the ads are back and then i close the vpn again.
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