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All Hands to Battle Stations!

Attention all Captains, our scans have revealed a critical mass of temporal anomalies. Starfleet needs your help to prevent a potentially universe-collapsing catastrophe!

Next week, you can both save the universe and lend the STAR TREK TIMELINES development team a hand by participating in an exciting new take on events.

We’re talking about a mini event that will take place from Monday, March 2 at 12:31pm ET (17:31 UTC) until Wednesday March 4 at 11:59am ET (16:59 UTC) - there will be no overlap with the regular event.

Why a mini event?

We have multiple goals in mind:
- propose a potentially reoccurring mid-week activity that is familiar yet has a few twists
- provide a new way to get specific rewards
- test out balance changes without impacting our regular events
- gather specific feedback

There will be a 30 minutes announcement phase for this mini-event, and no featured crew - the event has been designed to allow for spontaneous participation without the need for preparation.

As for campaigns your feedback will be very much appreciated, and we are looking forward to your participation in next week's mini event!

Thank you for playing,

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