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Long Live STAR TREK TIMELINES & Wicked Realm Games

Greetings, Captains!

As some of you may already know, STAR TREK TIMELINES is now fully owned by Tilting Point and will continue development under a brand new studio: Wicked Realm Games.

While the studio is new, many of the faces are the same ones you may have met before at Star Trek conventions or on the forums. Our collective experience working on STAR TREK TIMELINES spans every department and the full lifespan of the game thus far, from the initial pitch to CBS to launch and beyond. “It’s not often in games that we get to stay with our babies for this long, and having witnessed the game’s birth in a small office in LA many years ago. I’m so happy that I get to keep helping it grow.” said Jessica Sliwinski, Lead Writer on STAR TREK TIMELINES since its inception.

STAR TREK TIMELINES is in very good hands with Wicked Realm Games, the team feels energized, and ideas are flowing. Together with Tilting Point, we are ready and excited to help the game live long and prosper!

What is changing for you specifically? Nothing at this time, you will continue to login, and play the game as you have before.

In the coming weeks/months you can expect to see our new studio name and logo being displayed in the game, on the forums, and on our support portal. Regarding the old forums, please note that they will likely disappear soon.

But the most important thing to focus on is that, with a bigger team dedicated to the game, you can look forward to new features and improvements in the course of 2020!

Thank you for continuing this exciting journey with us,

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