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(Experimental) Timelines Equipment Analysis

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Hello and yes, it's me again with something new to try out.
This sheet will take your crew roster and calculate how many of each item you need to complete them all. Ideal for farming for 4* items like Synth Polymers or Databases instead of accruing them at the time. Like my other sheet you need to import your Datacore CSV file in from here: https://datacore.app/voyage into the Import sheet at Cell A1.

Now, for the bad news. Sheets has it's limitations and isn't really designed for something like this so there are some caveats. This imports the equipment.csv from the datacore which has a startling 14 million cells (40 levels of equips over 800 crew, yeh...) and sheets can only support 5 million. So I've had to cut a few things out.
  • No 1-3* crew, only Super Rare and Legendary
  • Not all equipment, only 110 of what I think are the most farmed items. If you want to know how many Tube Grubs you need, you might want to calculate that manually.
  • Only crew list up to North Star T'Pol, so if you are using this literally next week and wondering if 1701 Bashir's stats are counted, they will not be.
  • This calculates in the block of 10 levels, so if your crew is at, say, level 46 it will calculate the full amount from level 40-99. Better to over-estimate in my opinion.

I came up with this when I was thinking about farming my adwarps for the rarest items and also working out if it would be more efficient for me to replicate a ton of 2* science experiments but didn't know where to cap it off at. Logically this should be easy but realistically this sheet was an absolute pain in the **tsk tsk** to pull off as Sheets isn't really designed for tasks such as this. However it goes work.

Now for the bad news, I will not be continuing development of this sheet. It works all the way up to North Star T'Pol but the limitations of Sheets makes it incredibly hard to update or expand it.
However I would like to invite any other budding spreadsheet enthusiast to take it over if they wish and expand on it. All yours, run with, go like the wind! Sail into the open seas!

Big big big thanks to @TemporalAgent7 for building me the item tables to make a matrix with. Amazing work.

Download It Here:

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