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Mega Event Idea - Heresy and Heretics

PallidynePallidyne ✭✭✭✭✭
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Mega event that is primarily Klingon vs KCA

Shared 5* Miral Paris (grown)

Premise: With the coming of the Discovery Klingons and T'Kuvma attempting to assert his place as the chosen one of the Klingons, he's decided that Miral Paris and anyone who is close to her are heretics that need to be exterminated. Chancellor Martok has seen the power of having the clone Kahless in the empire and the positive effects in keeping the Empire together, and has decided to honor and protect Miral (with the agreement that she would allow the Empire to continuing to function as is). Mirror Regent Worf, seeking to destabilize the leadership of the prime universe empire has secretly aligned himself with T'Kuvma hoping to become the sole leader of all universes Klingons. (Not telling T'Kuvma he will dispose of him in the end.)

(Going to fill this out a little more later wanted to get this out of my head before I lost it.)


  • I'm totally on board with this!

    (But not anytime soon, otherwise we'll have to rename the game Klingons:Timelines).
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  • Too many Klingons
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  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'd prefer a Romulan event with the introduction of Commander Donatra (similar to T'Kuvma with 4/5 free stars throughout 4 events). :)
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  • I would rather DB focus on non-Klingon related Mega Events for the future to come before introducing a third (the Discovery Mega Event had a lot of Klingons). As it is, it seems like we are receiving a new Klingon crew every week, and it is getting a bit tiresome.
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