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Just wondering if anyone here collects star trek models & can pass along some good sites to order them from... I'm looking for to buy one that I can build and paint and has light up features of the discovery and shenzhou Also looking for some inspiration to do so feel free to post some pics of your collection :)


  • I would HIGHLY recommend Eaglemoss Hero collector. Very high quality diecast models from every series (no Picard ships yet), including some obscure ones. there is a subscripton service, which they offer a good starter deal for (a free klingon bird of prey plus the Enterprise D with collectors magazines for FIVE BUCKS when you sign up for a certain time of the subscription) or you can buy models individually. They also have Titan and Enterprise F models in their roster.

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    Most wanted Crew:
    Commander Icheb
    Helmsman Hawk
    Strategic Operations Worf

    Most wanted Ships:
    Oberth Class
    Akira Class
    Steamrunner Class
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