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Max Cap Collection

As @[CH] OsirisSonOfGeb and I have been posting in other threads, if our maximum item cap of 32,767 were written as an American date, it would be 3/27/67 or March 27th, 1967. Next year will mark the 54th anniversary of Max Cap Day.

I would love to see TP launch a new collection on March 27th next year to celebrate. The collection would include anyone wearing a cap (or hat).

I suggest themed rewards, like raising you chroniton cap by 10, raising the cap for starbase donations to 800, and raising the cap on crew quarters by 5 slots.

The biggest question is... What counts as a cap? EV suit helmets? Headbands? Does the cap have to be on their head? Would EV Suit Seven count with her helmet on the ground?

Hopefully a year is long enough to make this happen. Please make it so, TP! :)
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