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Mega Event concept - Fluidic Space

Torias327Torias327 ✭✭✭✭✭
A distress call comes in from Species 8472 (see how I worked in new missions, lol). Something (insert Trekno babble) is threatening fluidic space from the time anomaly. First week we need the liberated Borg crew to create portals with their knowledge from the collective, opening the door to a repeated Borg event character or 2 since repeating a mega event seems unlikely, it could be a “pseudo-rerun”. Then we build stuff and have more shuttles with new versions of crew, Sato because she can translate 8472-speak, Kes/Lwaxana because telepathy, Janeway because well, Janeway (Maybe it’s time for Katie O’Claire). The Event repeating 5* is Species 8472 with primary Sci, secondary engineering and security, and never shows up again so it is a safe Mega5*.

It’s very open, less themed than 1,000 interlink Borg month or Oh God not enough Bloodwine Klingon month, so maybe less intensive and frustrating to keep up with?
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