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are there any missions with discovery schems?

i am about 40 schematics away from completing this ship and cannot get the last ones anywhere. unfortunately i have spent almost $70 from sales and a dil purchase to buy 10x crew boosters and i didnt get any.


  • EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭
    Unfortunately, no there isn’t. Discovery isn’t in either the Dabo Wheel or in voyage drops either. Your best bet is either to wait for the Skirmish event and do a bunch of ship pulls, hoping to get lucky; or wait for a drop in a purple x10 pull.

    Since we do have two Skirmish events in this month’s mega, there is the possibility one of the featured ships could be Discovery. I think it’s a very small chance, since we just had that ship in the Arena. But DB/TP have made odd moves with the ships the last few months (that’s just my opinion).
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  • starfoxstarfox ✭✭
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    ah man thats lame that there arent any missions that drop those schems. i was so mad to have spent that money and not gotten one yet i got a bunch of the same , tired ships like the cube or kreyton. same ones over and over.
    anyway, thanks for the reply . im hoping for the skirmish
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