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Next Campaign Announcement: Bold Beginnings!


Greetings, Captains!

Bold Beginnings is celebrating the NX Project that led to the development of the warp five engine, as well as the subsequent launch of the NX-01 Enterprise.

The featured crew will be: Test Pilot Archer 4* for the standard reward track, and Admiral Maxwell Forrest 5* for the premium track. Two characters who were instrumental in bringing that project to life.

Dev notes:

Test Pilot Archer draws attention to some of his lesser known skills with a Science - Engineering - Diplomacy combination. With traits like Pilot, Explorer, and Inspiring, he should be helpful to kick off voyages or as an added option in galaxy missions. Last but not least, he features in the “To Boldly Go” collection!

Admiral Maxwell Forrest brings forth a Command - Diplomacy - Engineering trio, with the latter showing his history on the NX Project. This Admiral often worked closely with the Vulcans, represented here with Diplomat and Ambassador traits. His skillset may help you as well, and may also contribute to your progress in the “New Life and New Civilizations” collection.

The Bold Beginnings campaign will start on Thursday, April 16 at 1 am ET (05:00 UTC) and end on Thursday, May 14 at 12:59am ET (Thursday, May 14 at 04:59 UTC).

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