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Collector's Event!

As a follow-up to my mega event poll, I have an idea which spawned from there and was further modified by +FH+ Terran Captain in one of our fleets.

How about replacing a mega event with a Collector's Event. Each of these four events would have an existing collection as the common theme. Each event would be a re-run, where the legendary is in the themed collection and available in the final threshold. Each week (as is the tradition with re-runs), a new legendary will be added to the event, but the twist is that it will be from the themed collection. The new legendary doesn't even have to be new, imo. It could be from an old Tuesday pack that simply never had an event.

I think this would be a fun little thing to do instead of mega events, maybe once or twice a year. I wonder if that would bridge the gap between the "keep it the same" players and the "make it less frequent and more special" players.

Would you be on board with this idea? What twist would you put on it?


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