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Question about starship abilities

For ships that have the 40% damage reflection ability, like the H.M.S. Bounty, Does that apply to ALL damage, like Boarding damage, or just weapon damage?


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    Good question. I do not know. Boarding damage isn't really the current meta game, so it hasn't been a concern of mine.
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  • I actually think DB answered this, at some point, somewhere. My memory is telling me that this was addressed when they updated the ship abilities to do extra stuff (like 40% damage reflection).

    If I'm recalling correctly, reflect damage doesn't reflect boarding damage, because boarding damage affects the hull and reflect damage has (something?) to do with the Shields.

    Also, @Crash41 it might be more helpful to make this post on the bridge. It will get more eyeballs there. 'make it so' is more for suggestions you have for the game.
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