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Faction Event Notes: Faster Future (flashback)

ShanShan admin

Vice admiral Janeway sees the temporal anomaly crisis as an opportunity; this time she can go back and get Voyager home even faster--using Discovery’s spore drive!

Event Name: Faster Future
Event Type: Faction Event
Event Start: Thursday, 05/07 at Noon ET (16:00 UTC)
Event Finish: Monday, 05/11 at Noon ET (16:00 UTC)

Squadrons: Y
Crew Sharing: Y
Faction Winner Bonus: Y
Community Rewards: N

Event Crew:

Vice Admiral Janeway (Existing) 5*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: CMD 1331 (82-293), ENG 1031 (83-160), SCI 520 (103-246)
Traits: Veteran, Starfleet, Federation, Human, Resourceful, Survivalist, Gambler, Tactician, Maverick

Zora (Existing) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: DIP 883 (72-167), SCI 392 (100-192), MED 549 (122-381)
Traits: Hologram, Costumed, Federation, Starfleet, Romantic, Communicator

Mirror Geordi La Forge (Existing) 4*
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: ENG 614 (245-537), SEC 401 (106-210), SCI 534 (138-336)
Traits: Human, Starfleet, Terran Empire, Mirror Universe, Saboteur, Smuggler, Innovator

Ranked reward 5* crew

Displaced Gabrielle Burnham (New) - this crew will be featured event crew in the event starting on 05/14.
Fully Fused Fully Equipped Level 100 Skills: ENG 1316 (202-440), SCI 1033 (190-335)
Traits: Jury-Rigger, Survivalist, Astrophysicist, Human

Bonus Crew
• high bonus: event crew
• small bonus: variants of Janeway, and G. La Forge.

Event Factions
Federation, Borg, Terran Empire

Live long and prosper,


Unfused stats

Displaced Gabrielle Burnham
FE 1/5 level 100 ENG 926 (202-440), SCI 585 (190-335)

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