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v7.5.2 Release Notes

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Greetings, Captains!

Our latest client, v7.5.2, is now live on Facebook, Facebook Gameroom, and Steam. It will be rolled out to all remaining platforms in the coming days.

With this update to the game we’re introducing the following additions and changes, some of which will only be available after a force upgrade, and this to ensure all players are on 7.5.2.

Active Buffs
Starbase Rooms and Collections are a good way to gain helpful gameplay buffs.
Accessible via your Captain’s profile, the Active Buffs section allows you to have a global overview of all your current buffs, but also to filter them between fleet buffs, and collections buffs. This should make it easier to decide what type of buff you want to prioritize.

The following changes will only be available once every player is on 7.5.2, after a force upgrade.

Ship Management (NOT LIVE YET)
This section of the game badly needed a revamp and it has now been done!
Similar to crew management, ships will now be displayed in a grid, and allow for various filtering options.

Ship Battles (including skirmishes - NOT LIVE YET)
To allow for more flexibility in gameplay, we’re adding 2 togglable options to ship battles:
- Speed Up: to increase the velocity of the battle
- Auto Mode: as the name implies, when Auto is ON, the ship battle will play out automatically, without your input. Please note that with Auto Mode ON, abilities will be triggered as they become available.

Both Auto Mode and Speed Up can be toggled during a ship battle, to allow you more control on your crew/ship abilities.

Speed Up and Auto Mode will reset to their default (1x - OFF) once a ship battle ends.

We’re also adding an option to skip the intro and outro animation for ship battles.

Please note that these features are not live yet, but will be enabled at a future date.

Bug fixes
- fixed an issue where trying to link a game account to a Facebook profile would result in the game freezing
- fixed an issue where the game would crash when loading or during a ship battle (Facebook client)
- fixed an issue where skill icons would sometimes not be visible during an away-mission (Facebook client)

Thank you for playing!

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