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=j= space junkies has an opening for 1 new captain.

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Looking for a new fleet to call home?

“=j= space junkies” has an opening for 1 new captain.

We are a top ranking international fleet. Our rank in the last 17 events was: 1

If you are tired of being in a fleet that just isn’t active enough, then you need to join us! 🙂

We are looking for a player who is competitive, active daily, and who loves the game the same way we do.

General criteria:

Consistent top 1500 finishes, and being able to do so without struggling, in events of your choice.
Level 70+
Joining our Discord server.

If interested, please send me a message here, reply to the post, or send a message to in game @ =j= Carpe Diem 7, or on Discord: Carpe Diem 7#4773.



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