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Medical Mega-Event

[CFOH] Earl Grey[CFOH] Earl Grey ✭✭✭
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There has been a lot of demand for more MED/SCI for new characters, so how about an all physician and medical staff Mega-Event?

Storyline would go something like "The temporal anomaly crisis has brought together many species from across different timelines and dimensions. Alarmingly, it has also brought together multiple mutations of infections and diseases from this diverse collection of communities. These mutations have the physicians, nurses and scientists of the universe baffled. What may be a curable affliction in one timeline, may be liken to a plauge in another. All who have medical or science backgrounds have been called to action to treat the sick and come up with vaccines and cures for the many...."

...well, you can see I'm no writer, so I'll leave it there and kindly request responses with thoughts on my little brainstorm. Thank you for indulging me.

*Edited for spelling errors and repeated words...oops


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