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stats for new crew?

I can't find where the stats for the new crew have been posted: Keiko, Braxton, Paris. Can someone link me? Thx
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  • oh, and the new Burnham Mom crew card also
    Hurry up before those things eat Guy!
  • Darth Skippy, I can not figure out how to link to a room, they are all posted in Starfleet communications. either in the event they were first the reward for, the event the were in, or for non event crew in a separate post.
  • I've looked at every post in Starfleet communication with related subject topics, I cannot find where the stats are posted.
    Hurry up before those things eat Guy!
  • EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭
    The stats for Bridal Keiko are in the Need for Speed announcement. Gabrielle Burnham is in there as well.

    Braxton's and Paris's stats will be announced on Wednesday, with the rest of the details for the Runaway Bride event.

    It is the normal custom that the details for the featured Legendary for an event is announced the week before (as you can get them in that currently running event) and the details for the featured Super Rare are announced the day before the start of the event.
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  • cool, there ya, go. I have some kind of brain block finding the stats every week.
    Hurry up before those things eat Guy!
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