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The Maryland Fleet level 100 is looking for crew.

May & some bright new crew members are wanted for the ever so nice Maryland Fleet
We realise that there are so many fleets out there so why choose us?

Joining will give you freebies (Honor & Chronitons) and who doesn't like those?
Guidance or help if you need it.

Chat in game if you fancy, but no requirements to be at the beck and call of a facebook group or other chat system.
Be part of a team that wants their fleet to be amongst the best.

There is absolutely no requirement to "spend money" in order to play, but a Captains level of 30 please.
We do want you to donate to the Starbase of course, participate in events as this is the way the fleet grows and you grow as a team player and try your best to do the "Dailies".

If you only have the name "Captain" it would be much appreciated if you either changed it or added a name to it.
You do not need to be from Maryland in order to join, I'm from the UK!
We are at level 100 and rising, so this is a perfect time to join, brush the cobwebs away of "lock-down" and Boldly go into a new adventure with friends and a new fleet.

So if you are interested in a change or have never joined a fleet before then please reply here with your details.
The fleet looks forward to hearing from you!
The Maryland Fleet need YOU, come and join us!
We are rushing headlong into the abyss...................but we will have a blast whilst doing it,
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