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Portal Pull Token Suggestion

Okay, I hope this is the right place to make improvement suggestions for the game. I have one idea that I have been thinking about for a while.
My suggestion is instead of having a x10 premium portal pull in thresholds, achievements and campaigns, to have a x10 portal pull token. Valid on all 650 portal packs.
My reasoning here comes from both a mindset for new free to play player and players who pay what they can and have made it far enough in the game that a premium portal pull no longer packs the same punch it used to.
The first long while that I played this game I did so as free to play. One thing that always bugged me was that I could almost never add a 4th star to event super rare crew, as the event pack was behind a paywall. I was able to buy only one event pack for every 25 crew I immortalized. If I had been able to pull an event pack instead of a premium portal pull as the final threshold reward in an event, I would have been very happy.
Now, as a player who has most super rares immortalized, most of the time a premium portal pull (which I used to consider one of the most valuable rewards) is often nothing but honor. This makes the top threshold reward in events fall a little flat, but if I had the option to use a premium portal pull TOKEN, to pull an event pack as a shot at a 4th star for the event crew, or legendary, I would be much happier with that.
Another example is, Tuesday packs. I usually stay away from them because of the low odds of getting the new crew. However, if my premium portal pull rewards were valid on a Tuesday pack, I would happily take a stab at it. For example yesterday I got the tier 90 campaign portal pull reward, all honor. I would have much much rather used this 650 dilithium valued pull at a shot for Age of Sail Picard. As a free to play player, these Tuesday packs were completely untouchable.
The reason I suggest a token instead of just the dilithium is that I know dilithium has so many other purposes and a much more valuable resource. But I propose that such a token would have the 650 dilithium value, and could be used on any pack or pull in the portal with that value. Having the flexibility to decide what type of pull I use this token on would make the event rewards, achievement rewards and campaign portal pulls that much more desirable and worth putting in the money and game play effort and resources for.
Sorry for the long ramble. Those are my two cents. I hope this idea, or one like it can be considered.


  • I like the idea. And you could save them up for pulls at a very desirable crew.
  • KPan [ISA]KPan [ISA] ✭✭✭
    edited June 5
    I like the idea. And you could save them up for pulls at a very desirable crew.

    That occurred to me as well.
    I am currently saving tokens for a full voyage, and this same strategy could be used in the portal. When I saw Age of Sail Picard this Tuesday, it occurred to me that such a portal token would be the perfect resource to save up and spend on crew that are highly desirable.
    Save and binge, or use as a shot at a final star in an faction event. The thought of the freedom of choice makes it a much better reward/prize/incentive.
    I know a lot of players save all their portal pulls for when there are portal updates so as to increase the usefulness of this resource. A token would extend the usefulness even further.
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