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Completly new module - Planets and stations

S31S31 ✭✭✭✭✭
So this is my idea. I don't have it fully developed but.

Every week or every few days, a new planet flashes on your Galaxy map. Let's say Bajor. You get a message - there is a rumour that something is happening on the Bajor.

You get there and you must scan it. Soon you get a report - a Circle and Kai Winn wants to rise up against the Bajoran Republic.

Then you need to choose your crew and wait, something like Voyages with getting resources and crew but instead of Dilemma every once and a while you get something like a Gauntlet dillema where you need to fight one or several opponents.

If you fail that Gauntlet Dillema you need to restock with Dil or some new token.


  • I like it. A single player gauntlet. Now, when you say "restock" do you mean it's like a voyage and failure means you loose everything, unless you "restock?" Or, is it like a gauntlet, where failure (or success) is determined every four hours; unless you "restock" ie, refresh?
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