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Paragon Reputations?

In WoW they have the concept of Paragon reps - you get your reputation for a given faction to exalted, which unlocks all of the stuff on the vendor. However, you can continue from that point forward to continue to level the rep (10000 rep points at a time, so about half of the points require to get from Revered to Exalted) and each time you finish that rep bar, you get a chest with currency and a chance at paragon chest exclusive items.

I could see a similar thing working here, which would be nice for those of us exalted with all the factions but still running plenty of shuttles. Maybe each faction could have some thematic 4*/5* that you have a chance of getting each time you paragon level - maybe the same 5* that they offer randomly for 15k dilithium that I'm assuming nobody ever buys - or maybe paragon exclusive 5*? Or schematics?



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