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Add crew slot fragments as event rewards

Singe everybody loves additional slots ans the Top 5 have multiple Stars in the legendary do the following:

Replace 1 legendary rank 1 - 15 with One Crew Slot and give partials to Ranks below that.
1/2 for 16 - 100
1/3 for 101 - 500
1/4 for 501 - 1000 and so on.

This would mean real additional rewards for Top ranks and more competion for higher ranks. It mildly reduces the slot problem while increasing event sales.

Win win


  • RyzkenarinRyzkenarin ✭✭
    edited November 2017
    I like the crew slot fragment concept. Some way to increase it without extensive dilithium or periodic "cost of living" increases from Disruptor Beam, would indeed be nice.

    [edit] I've expanded on this idea here: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/1686/upgrade-component-for-crew-slots-shuttle-bays-etc
  • Personally, I think any first-time new crew won during an event should automatically come with a crew slot.
  • Even if it was on specific events it event types.
    Galaxies have the Community Rewards prizes..

    What -if- a rank of say.. 3000 or better earned a crew slot fragment of some sort ?
    Do that in the shuttle events, or as the draw to a new event type.

    I think it's a good idea.
  • Anyone know how I can post a new thread? I don't seem to have any option for it! Thanks
  • Anyone know how I can post a new thread? I don't seem to have any option for it! Thanks

    When your account will have been active for 2 days, you will be able to post a new thread.
  • +1 on the idea for crew slot fragments.
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  • Great idea, though I would make it only an addition and not a replacement. Otherwise, VIP0 Stellar Ice would be made to scrounge 50000 honour to put the final star on her well-earned Honey Bare after the event. :)
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