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v7.5.3 Release Notes (Android and iOS ONLY)

Greetings, Captains!

Our latest version of the game, v7.5.3, will only be available on mobile platforms, Android and iOS. It has now been released on Google Play, and will follow shortly on iOS.

With this update to the game we’ll be introducing a new way to earn Dilithium!
Earning Dilithium will be made possible via what is referred to as an Offer Wall (not live yet).

What is an Offer Wall, and where is it located? (not live yet)

Once the feature goes live, in the Dilithium Store you’ll see a Free Dilithium next to the Get Dilithium title. Clicking on this button will open the Offer Wall.

The Offer Wall is maintained by our partner, ironSource, and will display various 3rd party offers. You’ll be able to choose to complete any of these offers in order to receive free Dilithium.

After completing an offer the Dilithium should be sent out almost immediately, via in-game mail. For some offers however, the validation could take longer, and the Dilithium could take 1-2 days before being delivered.

For any issue regarding an offer, you’ll have the ability to submit a ticket directly to ironSource, from within the Offer Wall (24 hours after the offer has been completed). For additional information, please see the following help article:

Please note that the nature, availability, and number of offers presented in the Offer Wall may vary from day to day. But don’t hesitate to check back periodically to discover new offers!

Why is this feature only available on mobile platforms?

While we would have preferred to have this feature accessible on as many platforms as possible, the technology in use is currently only available for mobile platforms.

When will we see the Offer Wall in game?
This new feature is expected to be released later this week, we’ll update you as soon as it goes live.

Thank you for playing,




  • ShanShan admin
    v7.5.3 has now been released on iOS as well. It may take up to 24h before it is available in all app stores.
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