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Upgrades to ship battle's Auto-play.

I would like to see two changes to how the ship battle's 'auto-play' functions:

1) I would like to be able to set when a crew or ship ability goes off. At the very least, I would like to be able to "tell" the auto-play when to use charge-up abilities (at what charge to use them).

2) I would like all crew or ship abilities to go off, as long as they are helpful to the battle in some way. This includes cards that have a higher boost, then what's currently active, but do not have any bonuses to their ability.

(For example, when using the ship 'The Valdore' Locutus should activate, at 1s, right after The Valdore's 'Disruptor Cannons' activate. In a ship battle, both these things are needed/wanted. The Disruptor Cannon for the increase in attack speed AND Locutus for the +9 to attack.)


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    My first reaction was to say that the strategy of selecting crew who activate when you want is part of the gameplay that I enjoy. Then I realized that it would also be strategy of a different type to implement this idea.

    One thing that the new speed-ups counter is bot use, to some extent. One type of bot is a mouse recorder. I wonder about playing a battle and having the game record when each ability is activated. This is a gamble to a small extent. You could get royally boned if the next ship survives that barrage or cloaks at an inconvenient time.

    Anyway, I'm curious to see what kind of feedback gets posted.
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  • Mostly, this is a 'Make It So!' aimed at helping new players. (Specifically, in skirmishes.) Personally, I already have a skirmish layout that works fast and well (RP Commandant, Ardra, Garth, event card, on the Krayton). The "problem" is, my old skirmish layout does not work well, at all (Duras Sisters, Ardra, Suus Mahna Sarek, event card, on the Krayton). The changes I suggest would make it so new players have a (potentially) similar experience to the veteran players.
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