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New Gauntlet Exclusive Crew on July 7: Red Angel!

Greetings, Captains!

Armus got a bit sticky and stayed a bit too long .. but next Tuesday, July 7, we’ll be introducing a new gauntlet exclusive crew: Red Angel!

There will be no interruption in Gauntlets prior to this change, the loot tables will be updated with our weekly server release. An in-game mail confirming the change will be sent out on that day, once the server release is complete.

Please note that:
- unclaimed gauntlet rewards will take into account the new loot tables as soon as the server release goes live.
- you’ll still have the opportunity to get Armus. He will be added to the secondary chance loot table where he will join Locutus, and other previous gauntlet exclusive crew.

Thank you for playing!

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