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My shortlist of VOY characters we need in Timelines

Sky Cap 18Sky Cap 18 ✭✭
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The recent Voyager-adjacent mega got me thinking about a short list of Voyager crew that are conspicuously absent from the game. While it may be a while before VOY is featured again, these characters absolutely need to be among the next ones added to Timelines from the series.

1. Hirogen Tsunkatse Fighter (6x15, “Tsunkatse”)


Yes, The Rock is in this episode. Yes, we all want The Rock in this game. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, please turn your attention to the episode’s unsung star. J.G. Hertzler (best known for playing Martok) turns in a nuanced, sympathetic performance as the Hirogen captive who befriends Seven and helps her train for a match where she will be forced to fight to the death. I won’t say any more; it’s a must-watch if you haven’t seen it since Penk's event (or at all) and I dare you to come back and tell me you don’t want this character in the game.

But do we really need more Hirogen cards, you ask? Yes! Yes we do! There is an entire Hirogen faction in the game and only 3 (three!) Hirogen crew. Two of these are cadets and the third is a laughably poor super rare. Hirogen Tsunkatse Fighter would deserve a legendary card regardless, but even more so given the dearth of Hirogens in Timelines.

2. Equinox Crew (5x26 & 6x01, “Equinox, Parts I and II”)


This season 5 ender is the only Voyager two-parter that has zero representation in Timelines. What the what? Even the serviceable but instantly forgettable “Workforce” brought us the Command Hologram. Equinox is a much more consequential episode, giving us a look at an alternative path the U.S.S. Voyager could have gone down if it had succumbed to a mutiny or the needle of its moral compass had gotten a little bent. While our crew naturally prevail in the end, the Equinox team provides a useful foil.

If I had to pick one new card from the episode, it would be Maxwell Burke, played by the excellent Titus Welliver. His character is an interesting middle ground between the monomaniacal Captain Ransom and the ambivalent Noah Lessing (played by Rick Worthy of Jannar/AU3947 fame) and Marla Gilmore. But hey, maybe we can get them all, plus a “they deleted my ethical subroutines” EMH, in an Equinox mega? And while I’m making my wish list, how about a B’Elanna “BLT” Torres and Tom “Turkey Platter” Paris?

3. Lieutenant Joseph Carey (recurring, seasons 1 through 7)


Finally, our everyman. Lieutenant Carey may be a background character, but he survived almost Voyager’s entire trip through the Delta and had a prominent role in several first season episodes. Carey’s good-naturedness alone should earn him a silhouette in the cryostasis vault. As acting chief engineer, he is assaulted by a Maquis crew member who then gets promoted to the role over him. By the end of that episode he’s extending the olive branch to his new boss despite having done nothing wrong! What a guy, Lieutenant Carey. While he never makes it home, the show gives him a decent tribute by featuring him in his final episode. The game should do the same.


  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    With the caveat that we just had a mega event featuring a particular episode from Voyager (well, at least two episodes), I think the Equinox crew could make for a fascinating mega event in the future. Perhaps the story hook could be something like “the Equinox has finally made it home but the emotional scars of their journey have a lasting effect...seeing the Federation being chummy with the Borg, the Kazon (by way of their own alliance to the Ferengi Traditionalists), and the Hirogen has caused the Equinox crew to take matters into their own hands with the knowledge they learned on their journey.”

    Recurring legendary: Captain Ransom (COM/SCI/SEC)

    5* crew: Unethical EMH (MED/SCI/SEC), Lt. Maxwell Burke (DIP/COM/SEC)

    4* crew: Ensign Martha Gilmore (ENG/SCI/DIP), B’Elanna “BLT” Torres (ENG/COM/DIP)

    Other crew could come from other Delta Quadrant species (SEC-only monster Pendari Champion, anyone?) or maybe some diplomacy/working-together type characters from other series could be used instead. First Minister Samuels (DIP/COM) or C.O.P. Conference Archer (DIP/COM/SEC, ship ability name “Clap Louder, That’s An Order”) would be interesting choices, as would Arbiter of Succession Picard or even some kind of Emissary Ben Sisko.
  • Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 13
    The Tsunkatse Warrior artwork should have him in a pose so it looks like he completes a diptych with the Orion Slaver. Also, yes, there needs to be at least a fourth Hirogen. It's still baffling why they have an entire faction.
  • I made a more extensive list for Enterprise, but here was the lazy list I came up with on a re-watch of Voyager:

    Gaunt Gary (pool player in Sandrine’s)
    Ricky (Tom’s gal pal in Sandrine’s)
    Dr. Jetrel
    Libby (Kim’s gf on Earth)
    Yellowstone Class Runabout Ship
    Kolopak (Chakotay’s father)
    Sky Spirit Chief
    Michael Jonas
    Joe Carrey
    Zahir (smug long-haired git Kes wants to fly off with)
    Kradin Tuvok
    Bald old Chakotay
    Tuvok "Au Naturel"
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