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My short list of ENT characters that should be in timelines

Major Hayes ( he REALLY needs to be in the game! Shame Red Angel got the spot he deserves in gauntlet)
Crewman Cutler
Captain Erika Hernandez
Sim (would be really funny if it had the exact same stats as an existing Tripp card with only the trait "clone" added)
Colonel Grat (Dean Stockwell)
Ensign Rivers (Seth MacFarlane)
Congenitor Guest-stars: Cogenitor, Dreenik (G’Kar), Calla (husband), Veylo (wife)
A.G. Robinson (NX Test pilot buddy of archer)
Loomis (Detroit terrorist)
Damron (Xindi Reptilian working on bioweapon in Detroit)
Ah’len (Tripp’s baby momma)
Nadet & Jamin (Terra Novans.. SHALE!)
Riann (Apothecary)
Drunk Tucker & Reed
Ambassador V’Lar
Kaitaama (kidnapped princess)
Zobral (desert sports player)
Zho’kaan (alien who drank brown sludge)
Orgoth (face twisted pirate villain)
Rajiin (blonde Xindi spy)
North Star: Bethany (school teacher), MacReady (sheriff), Bennings (Deputy)
D’Jamat (cult leader who tried to blow up enterprise with organic explosives in his minions)
Amanda Cole (MACO Tripp gives neuropressure)
T’Les (T’Pol’s mother)
Dr. Lucas
K’Vagh (James Avery Klingon)
Klaang (broken bow Klingon)
Nijil (Romulan in charge of drone ship) & interfaced Gareb (Aenaer prisoner drone pilot)
Shadow Man
Assimilated Phlox
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  • I've also argued they could do crossover characters with The Orville, so make a "Captain Rivers" crew card
  • Rajiin (blonde Xindi spy)
    North Star: Bethany (school teacher), MacReady (sheriff), Bennings (Deputy)

    Brilliant suggestions! I, too, hope these underrated and awesome characters from some of the best Season 3 opener episodes become crew members. They could be brought in on an early Xindi hunt event of an alternate time or a minor event centric. Having this would also be good timing with the mega event for this too.
  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Bennings, Jennings, Franklin and ... Pierce! :) All four of them! :)

    Rajiin and A. G. Robinson are my favorites in the list. "Assimilated" Phlox (Nanoprobe), Shadow Man and Captain Hernandez are gunna make it, so they're already off the list. :)
    "Everything about the Jem'Hadar is lethal!" - Eris (ST-DS9 Episode 2x26 "The Jem'Hadar")
  • TS199TS199 ✭✭
    edited August 2020
    M.A.C.O. (or Away Team) Riker <-- Where Riker is firing down with Lieutenant Reed on the aliens that were fighting Shran for the amethyst.

    Just like Shran & Ushaan Archer.

    I feel like Away Team / M.A.C.O Reed / M.A.C.O Riker two-parter bridge crew would be a perfect nod to Enterprise.

    **of course, they would need to be of a matching rarity.
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