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Change of Ownership, Offer Wall and Privacy Concerns

Greetings, Captains,

Early this year the ownership of STAR TREK TIMELINES was transferred from Disruptor Beam to Tilting Point, with most of the existing development team coming along for the ride.

While we continue to handle your data with the same care we have always exercised, it is time to officially transition STT to Tilting Point’s Terms of Service and new Privacy Policy (which have just been updated and clarified in light of STT and some of our other games). In an upcoming all-platform client you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to accept these new Terms of Service, and new Privacy Policy. This will be required to continue playing.

In the meantime, you can review both via the following links:



Since the introduction of the Offer Wall various privacy concerns have been brought to our attention. We took the time to review these concerns and evaluate how best to address them.

When the game is launched, the ironSource SDK initializes and collects information that is used for limited purposes such as non-personalized offers, limitation of the number of offers presented, and fraud detection. None of this information is used to create a profile about players.

The information collected is:
- your advertising ID
- technical data such as time zone, memory, operating system, device manufacturer, name and version of the app (STT in this case), battery status (on Android devices only), limit ad tracking status, language of the operating system, mobile carrier’s name, internet connection type (e.g. WiFi)
- your DBID for the purpose of delivering the Dilithium via in-game mail (Offer Wall offers)
- the app id (which in this case would be STT and its version)

We can confirm that no other data is being accessed, or shared by the ironSource SDK.

However if you decide to participate in a 3rd party offer via the Offer Wall, this will take place outside of the game and outside the control of Tilting Point or ironSource, and you may be requested to share additional information on a voluntary basis to the third party managing that offer, and such information will be subject to that third party’s privacy policy and not those of Tilting Point or ironSource.

We hope that the above information will provide you with clarity and reassurance, please accept our apologies for the time it took to gather this for you.

Thank you for your continued support,



  • ShanShan admin
    I want to add a precision here, as this might not be clear for everyone.
    The ironSource SDK is used for both the ads that are shown throughout the game, and the offer wall.
    This means that when we talk about "non-personalized offers", offers mean ads displayed in the game + offers shown on the offer wall.
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