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Stop snooping for local devices during ads

iOS 14 tattled on suspicious activity that occurs during ad warps (not sure what the generic term is; I triggered it with a reward doubler). Specifically, ST Timelines is having a look around the local network for other devices and may or may not be attempting to connect to any that are found.

I cannot fathom any legitimate purpose for this, and hope it is not intended behavior. Either way, please put a stop to it.

(Also, if this is being done by IronSourceSDK, you have a BIG correction to make to Shan's privacy post.)

Steps to repeat:

1. Install the iOS14 public beta on an eligible iPhone/Pod/Pad
2. Request an ad warp

Screenshot available on the Timelines subreddit: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/16562/watching-an-ad-causes-stt-to-look-for-other-devices-on-your-network#latest


  • I am very concerned that this, like the battery state information, is to help the third party serving us ads connect a single person to multiple otherwise anonymous marketing IDs from multiple apps and/or devices.
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