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Dazed & Confused fleet is recruiting

SlickSlick ✭✭✭
edited October 2020 in Fleet Central
Yes, you read that right...We are Dazed & Confused :lol:

Level 120 star base and still rapidly building. Looking to fill ranks with captains level 20 and above. Playing events is not mandatory, but some squadron leaders would appreciate it.
Only one rule: you must not let your account go inactive over 5 consecutive days without any kind of communication. (Need extra time away? Just ask!)

Our fleet regularly makes top 200 in events. Our silly name came about because of how we all felt when we first started this game - overwhelmed. But we all love it now.

In-game chat has proven to be unreliable, so we also have a Messenger chat group for regular and more convenient communications with members, including game related screenshots. However, joining our Messenger chat is optional.
Klingons have fleas. And the Kazon don't use soap.
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