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Dazed & Confused fleet is recruiting

SlickSlick ✭✭✭
edited May 5 in Fleet Central
Yes, you read that right...We are Dazed & Confused :lol:

Max Level star base! Looking to fill a few open ranks with captains level 30 and above. Playing events is not mandatory, but some squadron leaders would appreciate it.

Rules: Completing daily tasks is required. Occasionally we all need a break but members must not let their accounts go inactive over 5 consecutive days without any kind of communication. (Need extra time away? Just ask!) Ignoring Admiral's (that's me) private messages are a no-no.

Our fleet regularly makes 100-200 in events and we consistently achieve 2 of the 3 ISM rewards daily. Our silly name came about because of how we all felt when we first started this game - overwhelmed. But we all love it now, and it shows with our passion and dedication to the fleet in reaching the daily goals for honor and chronitons.

In-game chat has proven to be unreliable, so we also have a Messenger chat group for regular and more convenient communications with members, including game related screenshots. However, joining our Messenger chat is optional. We also have a discord, but not many use it (I personally hate the discord service).


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