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New Honor Hall Crew and Special Honor Offers/Packs!

Greetings, Captains!

Honor Hall

Please join us in welcoming Nanoprobe Phlox in the Honor Hall!

This version of Phlox was seen in “Regeneration” (Star Trek:Enterprise season 2, episode 23), in which the Enterprise crew encounters cyborgs that would later be known as the Borgs.
Being infected, Phlox engages in a race against the clock to find a way to stop the assimilation process.

FE/FF level 100 ENG 1314 (120-260), SCI 411 (157-377), MED 982 (126-405)
FE/FF level 100 ENG 924 (120-260), SCI 186 (157-377), MED 534 (126-405)
Traits: Denobulan, Physician, Civilian, Romantic, Exobiology, Borg

Special Honor Offers and Packs

Head over to the Time Portal to find the various Honor options we’ve prepared for you, they will be available until Tuesday, August 11, around noon ET (16:00 UTC)!

- Special Honor Offers: these offers allow you to purchase Honor and a 5* citation. They each have their own purchase limit.

- Special Honor Packs: choose between 3 different packs to get 1x 1/5 crew among crew currently in the Time Portal!

The 10,000 Honor pack with no purchase limit will grant you 1x 1/5 random crew (no behold)

The 10,000 and 40,000 Honor packs with a purchase limit will refresh daily, and will grant you 1x 1/5 Behold! To top it off, the 40,000 Honor pack also includes a 5* citation!

These are great opportunities to strengthen your crew roster, we hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you for playing,


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